2014 GMC Terrain Problems: Delving into Costs and Concerns

You can read this guide for detailed information about the 2014 GMC Terrain problems. In line with the information obtained from users, you can learn all the details before buying a new vehicle.

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Understanding the 2014 GMC Terrain Maintenance Expenditure

Delving into the 2014 GMC Terrain world, one finds that the yearly upkeep cost is $512. However, these expenses can fluctuate based on the vehicle's age, mileage, region, and specific repair shop chosen.

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Highlighting the 2014 GMC Terrain Issues

Detailed overview of specific problems in the 2014 GMC Terrain model.
Detailed overview of specific problems in the 2014 GMC Terrain model.

Interestingly, no problems have been reported for the GMC Terrain this year. Facing troubles with your Terrain? It's advisable to notify RepairPal and gain insights into potential causes.

A Glimpse into the 2014 GMC Terrain Repair Costs

Insights into the potential repair costs for the 2014 GMC Terrain issues.
Insights into the potential repair costs for the 2014 GMC Terrain issues.

For those curious about the average repair expenditure for the 2014 GMC Terrain, it ranges from $461 to $563. Here's a breakdown of some specific repair costs:

  • Fuel Pump Replacement: $915 - $1,080
  • Wheel Calibration: $146 - $185
  • Front Engine Cover Seal Replacement: $282 - $326
  • Inspection for Drive Axle Assembly Leakage: $44 - $56
  • Horn Circuit Relay Switch Replacement: $55 - $62
  • Diagnostics & Testing of the Body Control System: $35 - $44
  • Replacement of Transfer Case Output Shaft Oil Seal: $456 - $567
  • Turbocharger Unit Replacement: $1,699 - $1,826
  • Starter Circuit Relay Switch Replacement: $45 - $52
  • Rear Warning System Sensor Replacement: $388 - $414

Plenty of options are available for those searching for top-notch auto repair services or dealerships.

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Reliability Quotient of the GMC Terrain

The 2022 GMC Terrain boasts a reliability score of 3.5 out of 5.0, positioning it 22nd among 26 in the compact SUV category. With a yearly repair cost of $558, its ownership costs are moderate. While the Terrain might occasionally require intensive repairs, such instances are rare.

Voices of 2014 GMC Terrain Owners

Interestingly, the 2014 GMC Terrain has yet to garner any car reviews. If you're a proud owner, sharing your experience with RepairPal and potential buyers would be invaluable.

Frequently Posed Queries about the 2014 GMC Terrain

A total of 17 questions related to the 2014 GMC Terrain have surfaced. Among them:

  • An issue where the traction light illuminated, prompting a service alert for the traction bar. However, the signal disappeared upon restarting the vehicle.
  • A query about the location of the serial number on a catalytic converter after it was stolen.

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Recall Alerts for the 2014 GMC Terrain

Two recalls have been issued for the 2014 GMC Terrain. The primary concern concerns headlights that may seem excessively bright to oncoming vehicles. Another issue pertains to the potential malfunctioning of windshield wipers.

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